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We create a unique process for each client to ensure that business objectives are met, success is achieved and users are happy.

  • Website Designing


    Creating your market dominating online presence. Atrium offers sharp, cool and professional Websites tailor made for each individual client and business.

  • Brand Development

    We take your trade and develop it into a brand. Developing your own identity and brand is crucial to set you apart from your competition.

  • Marketing

    Whether its online marketing, mass marketing, social media marketing or general promotions. We are the people who can get you the exposure you need that is critical for your success and growth.

  • Business Consultation

    Professional, clear-cut and expert advise by the people you can trust. Complete and impartial guidance that provides you with an unfair advantage to make sure you accelerate straight through any limitations and barriers while your profits shoot for the stars.

Our Latest work

DenCo Builders

DenCo Builders

Building solution for domestic work.



Storage solution for your headboard

Beauty Innovation

Beauty Innovation

Beauty and make-up and colour is like the finishing touch on everything.

Meet the team

  • Motto

    Growth is a by-product of a sense of urgency

    Najmul Haque Creative Director

    There’s always room for improvement and a gap between your full potential and your current state, no matter what stage you’re at. I’m here to make sure you close that gap.

  • Moto

    Never settle for any less than your ultimate potential

    Syed Abbas Consulting Director

    Committed to help your business reach out to more people and generate more sales. Determined to do whatever it takes to ensure success within your organisation.

Clients said

  • After working in the Salon and Hair industry for about 5 years, I decided to open my own business. I initially came to ATRIUM for a website only but when I was introduced to all the services they provide to help me start up, market and advertise my business - these guys really took a lot of stress and burden off my shoulders. I would strongly recommend ATRIUM for anyone starting out their own business.

    Susan P
  • After successfully running an online business from these online market places (the famous ones we all know and visit). I needed my own platform to sell my products. Before I decided to choose ATRIUM to create an E-Commerce platform for me, I was literally doing everything myself. From marketing to taking orders and payments to delivery of the item. After going through the Atrial.node process, my business has really developed into a system which can grow without my input. Now all I really have to do is sit back and see the money come in. Really happy that I discovered this company.

    Yusef T
  • Brilliant job on the SEO guys! I actually didn't know that you can actually concentrate SEO and encourage qualified visitors to my site. Business has really picked up over the last few months so Thank You 😉

    Kevin J

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